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in the MAG Design studio

We offer a wide range of design services that will allow for comprehensive surface preparation and adaptation to your needs . 

The scope of our activity includes both public and private interiors . We have extensive experience in the arrangement of office space and broadly understood public utility .

Our studio specializes in the metamorphosis of work surfaces for the broadly understood business. Therefore, we undertake the preparation of standard projects for you,

as well as extraordinary arrangements .

If your company needs to refresh the representative space, renovation 

offices whose design has already had its glory years behind you, or you need to arrange a new 

surface, you have just found the perfect designer.

Working with us, you can be sure that everything will be made z 

the greatest care and accuracy. Installations will be adapted to your 

needs, and the aesthetics and functionality will suit your tastes and financial conditions.

Our priority is customer satisfaction and satisfaction with the use of a jointly designed space. Based on many years of experience, we have developed an effective system of cooperation with the client, which allows you to easily achieve the intended goals and carry out the design process from beginning to end.


We will lead
Your project

from the moment of inspiration to supervision over the implementation.


Functional design is the first and key stage of design, during which we define what changes and modifications should be made in the interior to fulfill its function.

Inventories | Defining expectations | Interior analysis | Spaceplan | Moodboards


The conceptual design is the stage of developing the functional arrangement of the interior along with the development of its aesthetics: colors, materials, decorative elements,

furniture, etc.

Selection of materials | Color specification | Views and visualizations |

Executive design is the stage of developing detailed drawings, the accuracy of which allows the contractor to complete the design. These are drawings of projections of walls, floors, ceilings with lighting and details of decorative elements

furniture etc.


Technical drawings of interiors | Analysis of building standard and starting materials |
Documentation: architecture, projections, sections, installations, wall expansion, carpentry

Implementation. Each surface we make is under our supervision, which allows us to quickly and efficiently carry out the implementation phase and immediately respond to your suggestions and possible changes.


Site visits in progress | Supervision over the acceptance of the area

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